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Innovation New Zealand Pavilion, Viaduct Basin, Auckland with exterior lighting by Jenny Pullar

Innovation New Zealand Pavilion

The Industry New Zealand Pavilion was a temporary installation for the Americas Cup in the Viaduct Basin, Auckland.

The silver fern inspired structure, designed by Architect Guy Richards, provided a wonderful sculptural opportunity for exterior lighting.

Pullars's combination of blue and white lighting creates a magical effect when reflected in the surrounding pool of water.

Quercus palustris Pin Oak with pink and apricot lighting for autumn colours

Seymour Square Blenheim

Winner of 2 awards in the prestigious ies Lighting Design Awards, including the Inaugural Dark Sky Award 2002

Pullar's brief was to light specified features (Clock Tower, Palm, Oak Tree) in an "original and inventive rather than tried and true manner" including the use of colour.

To respond to the dramatic seasonal changes of the 18 m tall Pin Oak three different colour settings were used - spring/summer, autumn & winter. Seasonal colours changes are also used for the Palm.

Judges comment: "Innovative and successful use of colour to enhance the three disparate natural structures and reflect seasonal moods. The luminaire placement, control of spill light and capture of light by the tree canopies displays a genuine effort to minimise the detrimental effects of outdoor lighting on the night sky. ......lifts the standard of landscape lighting."

"Council and public response to the display has been overwhelmingly positive. The resulting design was exactly what we were looking for 'original and inventive' with colour. It has added a new dimension to the Square without detracting from its existing features"
Robert Hutchinson, Marlborough District Council.

Quercus palustris Pin Oak with moonlight blue tinted lights for winter setting Quercus palustris Pin Oak with lavender and green tinted lights for summer colour Clock tower, Seymour Square, Blenheim with lilac tinted lights to enhance natural stone colours Phoenix canariensis palm with supernatural moonlight lighting for winter colours Phoenix canariensis palm with red lighting for autumn setting
Oak in winter Oak in spring/summer Clock Tower Palm in winter Palm in autumn


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